About Me:

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Jasmine and I am a Boston-based theatre artist. Acting and directing have become my primary passions, but I don’t feel limited to those two roles as a theatre maker. My work is devoted to uplifting the POC voices through theatre. I hold a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University, School of Theatre and decided to move in Boston as I embark in my professional career as a theatre maker.

In June 2019, I was named one of the National New Play Network’s Producer in Residence. I will be in residence at Company One Theatre for the 2019-2020 season.

Photo Credit: Nile Scott Shots

Photo Credit: Nile Scott Shots

I have found Company One to be my artistic home. I am the Assistant to the Artistic Director at C1. I have gotten to assist with casting and the daily runnings of the company. Along with working at Company One, I have been able to appear in readings and productions in Boston with SpeakEasy Stage, Apollinaire Theatre Company, Artists’ Theater of Boston and more.

I have many interests outside of theatre. I love to play with dogs, sing, dance and engage with other mediums of art. I have also been an athlete for my entire life. I love to stay active.


Thank you for visiting my website and learning more about me!